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Founded in the 2020, ECO Foundation, an environmental and socio-economic development organization, has been established by a group of professionals including Environmentalists, Aquaculturists, Fisheries Scientists, Oceanographers, Development Activists, Journalists, Economists, Sociologists, Physicians, Academia. 

About Us

ECO Foundation will work with a view to ensure sustainable development through effective management and conservation of natural resources (including riverine, coastal and marine resources) by engaging and making sure of equal participation of the interrelated communities. 

The organization will support government and relevant agencies in adopting policies and building capacity of environment, fisheries, shipping and maritime sectors and associated communities as a whole. It will also work closely with the underprivileged communities, coastal fisher folks, environmental refugees along with other stakeholders in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and co-operate to establish a blue and circular economy.

ECO Foundation primarily focuses on the awareness activities keeping sustainable natural resources management and conservation, resources utilization (including riverine, coastal and marine resources) and community engagement in the heart of development process.

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