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GOAL: ECO Foundation will engage in the sustainable development activities on various environmental and socio-economic agenda keeping sustainable natural resource utilization, exploitation, and conservation in centre by engaging community e.g. civil society, policy-makers, experts, academia, development workers and volunteers for building an eco-friendly, prosperous and generous Bangladesh.

The organization will apromote research and socio-economic development activities in general and specifically to prevent environmental pollution and engage community in the sustainable management of natural resources.

ECO Foundation will also conduct action research and solution based development activities on various socio-economic and national environmental agenda focusing sustainable natural resources utilization (including inland, artisanal fishery, industrial fishing, mariculture etc), exploitation and development, community engagement and conservation to ensure the blue economy with the help of relevant stakeholders e.g. civil society, policy makers, skilled development workers, experts, academia and volunteers.

ECO Foundation will organize various activities for policy advocacy on the basis of research. As a non-political organization it will not take part in any activity other than those mentioned in Section IV.