Primarily, the aims and objectives of ECO Foundation will be as following ( but not limited to):

·  To disseminate knowledge and create awareness among mass people regarding sustainable utilization of natural resources and actively participate in the socio-economic and environmental development of Bangladesh.
·  To conduct survey and research focusing sustainable natural resources (including riverine, coastal and marine) management, conservation and development, livelihood improvement of the community including fisher folks, the challenges faced by the community due to climate change, and formulation of adaptation and mitigation strategies.
·  To undertake and carry on humanitarian and charitable programs for the poor and underprivileged people and income generating activities to alleviate poverty in all its forms from the society.
·  To take up programs to distribute relief among the poverty stricken community in the event of any natural calamities like flood, cyclone, earth quake, landslides and climate refugees etc.
·  To conduct programs for ensuring food security and nutrition for the society including riverine, coastal, artisanal and sea going fishing communities during fishing ban.
·  To increase awareness on family planning, healthy life and sanitation, safe drinking water, and mother and child care for the well being of the society especially for the small scale fishers (SSF) and seagoing fishing communities and the crews and operators on board.
·  To provide inclusive and equitable quality education and undertake human resource development programs and activities to increase capacity building of the youth through skill development program.
·  To increase awareness in achieving gender equality and women empowerment that enables them to use their potentials for sustainable human, social and economic development.
·  To increase economic growth that encourages productive employment and decent work for the society specially for the onboard laborers and fishing crews.
·  To increase awareness on sustainable use of natural resources, to save biodiversity and genetic resources, food safety throughout the seafood value chains and to prevent food loss and waste with the active support of the concerned departments.
·  To collect information, generate data, conduct investigations and undertake research projects on relevant issues for the purposes of planning and formulation of policies regarding development and economic growth.
·  To promote ocean literacy among the key stakeholders and advocate inclusive policies for strengthening ocean governance and planning.
·  To promote blue economy focusing innovations and technology for the welfare of the nation considering long term benefits and socio-economic development.
·  To work as a supporting organization for the sustainable maritime and shipping management and development and increase awareness on Port State Measures Agreement by FAO targeting IUU (Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated) Fishing.
·  To work as a partner organization with the Government institutions in achieving SDGs and implementing UN Ocean Action, FAO Blue Growth Initiative and Delta Plan 2100 of the Govt. of Bangladesh.
·  To undertake virtual (online) and real publication (offline) programs to communicate with all sections of society to draw their attention to the problems of network access of the developing countries, particularly of Bangladesh and to motivate people to look for solutions to these problems.
·  To take initiative to establish Technical Information Center (TIC) for the members and the public to disseminate information with the help of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
·  To hold literacy campaign, seminars, symposiums, workshops, expositions, dialogues and conferences in furtherance of the objectives of the Organization.
·  To hold the power of attorney on behalf of the beneficiaries.
·  To participate in the development activities and policy affairs organized by the other similar agencies or organizations.
·  To undertake projects for earning income for the organization and the earnings will be used for the purpose of the fulfillment of the objectives of the organization.